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I am an artist that works predominantly with oil paint, creating paintings that seek to express and understand my lived experiences and subconscious mind, while using essences of imagination. Each painting is an act of storytelling, though the beginning, middle and end remain subjective to the viewer’s understanding. Each painting has an infinite number of lives that play out in the unique minds of each individual that beholds the work.

My painting techniques imply a dreamy and atmospheric dynamic to the work, using soft marks to inflict a sense of haziness to the scene. Additionally, there is influence from baroque artwork with regards to implementing theatrics and drama, which further implies exaggerated themes and spectacular narratives. I aim to highlight the extraordinary within the ordinary, using vibrant colours to convey the ethereal elements within the human condition.


Painting, for me, is meditative, which is reflected in the realism style of my work. I enjoy methodically and intuitively building up the small details of every face, hand, and piece of clothing. I use tiny brushes to carefully blend subtle colour changes within elements such as skin-tone. I believe a part of me exists within each brush stroke, strengthening the relationship between myself, and the artwork.


I have a deeply rooted connection to womanhood and the divine feminine. I live through emotional extremities, from longing, to agony, to ecstasy. I have a deep awareness of feeling that I am on the fringe of “madness”, that there is a part within me that edges towards something untethered, tragic, strange, and sublime. My art practice is the act of exploring this core element of my soul, to gain an understanding into something that I believe is deeply enriched with femininity and mystique. Each emotion is felt so deeply, and this is something I wish to celebrate and nurture, rather than control, or neutralise. It is a blessing to experience, and to live a treacherous balance between tranquillity and chaos.

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